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Thomas Ekvall | artist | Gothenburg | Sweden

Thomas Ekvall 



My name is Thomas Ekvall. I am a painter and illustrator, active in Gothenburg. My main means of expression is oil painting.

In parallel with my own creation, I have worked as a teacher in fine Art, mainly painting and drawing, for many years.

I have to paint, it's about strong visual impressions, memories of landscapes and human figures. Painting is for me a compulsion, it is unease - and desire! Painting is short moments of happiness.

Oil paintings by artist Tomas Ekvall / Thomas Ekvall


Recensioner av Thomas Ekvalls målningar och utställningar

Paintings by Tomas Ekvall / Thomas Ekvall


"Thomas Ekvall's paintings grow over a long period of time, with many overpaintings, in many layers.


His paintings therefore often have both a strong pastoral expression and a strange depth effect in the vibrating color spots of light, which can bring to mind the impressionists of older times."

Anders Thuresson 9 May 2012, Zenit kulturtidningen i väst.

Thomas Ekvall | Visual artist | Gothenburg | Sweden
© 2021, Thomas Ekvall
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