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Thomas Ekvall

About me

Thomas Ekvall Konstnär

Hi, my name is Thomas Ekvall. I am a painter and illustrator, active in Gothenburg. My main means of expression is oil painting.


In parallel with my own creation, I have worked as a teacher in Visual Art, mainly painting and drawing, for many years.

I have to paint, it's about strong visual impressions, memories of landscapes and human figures. To me, painting is a compulsion, it is unease - and desire!


Painting is short moments of happiness.



Tomas Ekvall


Valand Academy of Fine Arts in Gothenburg 1978-84

Solo exhibitions
by selection

Annexet Gallery Majnabbe, Göteborg 2021

Strandbygdsmuseet, Ljugarn 2021

Lysekils Konsthall 2020

Gallery Majnabbe, Gothenburg 2017, 2013

Gallery Sander, Linköping 2017

The Art Room, Lindesberg 2015

Gallery Ålgården, Borås 2015

Nemeshallen, Mölnlycke 2011

Gallery Brevik, Sydkoster 2011

Vara Konsthall, 2010

Gallery Aveny, Gothenburg 2009, 1989



Statens Konstråd

Gothenburg Art Museum

Municipalities, County Councils and Private Collections

Wågermanska Art Gallery, Skärhamn 2004

Gallery Konstepedimin, Gothenburg 2004

Gallery Öhrström, Gothenburg 2001

Bohusgalleriet, Uddevalla 1999

Gallery PS, Gothenburg 1998

Slottet, Partille 1997

Gallery Rosengången, Lerum 1995

Konstens hus, Varberg 1995

Nora Konsthall, Nora 1993

Nolhaga Castle, Alingsås 1991

Konsthantverkarna, Lindesberg 1990

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